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Below, that's me, Erik Culver, in my shop circa 2013.  I'm sure I still have the flannel shirt.  My new years resolution in 2012 was to build something of my own design and sell it to someone.  It wasn't much of a vision, but concrete enough to propel me to start OldBoyCo. Later that year I'd step off the cliff into self employment.  It was the spark that lit the flame I can't put out.

Old Boy lives on in spirit, weekend welding, night sketching and the occasional commission.   

shot1 4939 copy.jpg.tif

If you'd like to speak about an idea, commission, or learn more about a national student art marketplace called ArtStartArt I ran between 2017 and 2020, reach out to me. I am currently the CMO at - definitely worth checking out as well.

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